Achievement of set goals via a peaceful initiative

Achievement of set goals via a peaceful initiative

When other people put us at risk or cause us pain, we may feel as if there’s nothing we can do. We may be used to the role of victim. But there are ways to maintain our dignity and sanity even in the most oppressive circumstances Violence does not pay.

Please permit me to use this prestigious privileged to tell the IPOB members,IMN members and others voice struggle groups in Nigeria that the use of forceful violence can never grant us the desire nationalistic freedom of your dream rather it will keep on truncating and suffocating your concern effort towards the achievement of your goals. No nation in the world strive on the use of forceful violence.any ideology that is forcefully carry out with the weapon of violence can Neva stand the test of time. It is a well proven fact that sometimes the language that our government understand is the language of forceful violence. It is also a well establish fact that this language of forceful violence has not yield us any positive results as a people that are actively aspiring to live in a civilised society.any nation that allows the use of forceful violence to undermine his power will definitely lost track of leadership.good governance only function on the formidable foundation of genuine engagement. 

genuine engagement is the only language that the government of any nation understand.genuine engagement gives all stakeholders the privileged opportunity to address all shades of concern opinions irrespective of our ideological disposition every good government is a pragmatic function of productive ideas. No government function on the use of forceful violence as violence is Never an option by all ramifications.

Please permit me to categorically state here that no amount of reasonable explanation given by any group of persons can justified the use of forceful violence against any form of government be it Democratically elected government or otherwise.government only strive on the wheel of genuine engagement.

Please Let us cultivate the civilised culture of genuine engagement in all matters of Nationalistic concern.this is the only way we can achieve our dream of living in that civilised society that we are all clamoring for.the persistent use of forceful violence to command the government will Neva pay us as a nation.let us say no to forceful violence.


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